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The OKC Pop Up Series is the brainchild of The Pop Up Entertainment & Events Group, an OKC-based company with a flair for entertainment and a desire to provide opportunities for creative entrepreneurs and ambitious start-ups.

We believe having fun is important and that connectedness matters. We believe that creativity, inspiration, and passion are vital for our well-being and the hope for so many areas of our lives. It is our passion to foster situations and events that entertain and give people a place to be together. The production is our passion—working to make certain that whatever we produce, it is clever, unique—maybe even extraordinary—and that people leave finding themselves in a better space than when they arrived.

For us, The OKC Pop Up Series provides an opportunity to work within our passion in a way that supersedes most other opportunities, for in The Series, we get to provide a springboard for hundreds of other creatives. When we do our thing—fostering a great experience and providing real entertainment value—other independent business owners can grab ahold of our momentum and find a venue that helps them bring their products and services to market. We get to play a tiny role in helping entrepreneurs do their things.

We look forward to seeing all that springs forth from The Series. It’s our hope that The OKC Pop Up Series becomes synonymous with both fun and innovation—that it becomes fertile ground for good times and new experiences. Join us and come have fun!

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